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31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0, Day 6: Monochromatic! featuring Cult Cosmetics

18 September 2014

Hey guys! I know it's sort of late, but I am still on time for Day 6 of the challenge! Today's prompt is "monochromatic", and I was really stumped, so I decided to go with a simple abstract French tip manicure using some pink polishes from Cult Cosmetics. I fell in love with these polishes, so I just had to swatch them, too - read on for a 15% off coupon to Cult!

So, I know this look might not seem monochromatic, because I included the metallic accent, but this polish actually has a definite pink tone to it (you'll see in my swatch!). Anyway, I started off by painting on two easy coats of Cult Cosmetics Belmont Shore, and then, with a striping brush, I freehanded on Cult Cosmetics Los Feliz and Cult Cosmetics Abbot Kinney. I topped it all off with top coat.

I'm totally loving these colors together, even though this design is really simple. It was nice to see that I am capable of making straight lines without tape, though!

Anyway, I used all Cult Cosmetics polishes for this look, and they all had an incredible formula, so I decided to swatch them as well:

Belmont Shore is a bright, slightly cool toned Barbie pink cream. This one is almost a one coater! I love how smooth and glossy this formula is as well - I definitely didn't need top coat for this one because it was so shiny, but I ended up adding it out of habit. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Abbot Kinney is a gorgeous metallic foil with a pink tinge to it. I didn't expect to love this one as much as I do, but I think it looks fantastic on my nails, and I think it's a great foil for autumn. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Loz Feliz is a gorgeous maroon cream. Again, what a perfect color for fall! I can't get enough of these dark colors for the colder weather, and I will definitely be reaching for this one a lot this season. Shown above is two coats plus top coat.

I love the formula on all of these polishes, and I am glad that the caps can be pulled off for easy application. I can't wait to try out more Cult Cosmetics polishes. All of these colors can be purchased from Cult Cosmetics for $9.99 USD each, and you can use the code KELLI at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

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Zoya Entice Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

17 September 2014

Here in New Jersey, it feels as if someone suddenly flipped a switch from summer to fall - the sky is gray, the wind has a chill... and I'm loving it! Today I've got more fall polishes to show off - this time, it's the Zoya Entice collection. Zoya has come out with two fall collections, each with six polishes, and Entice consists of six gorgeous dark creams that'll have you drooling.

What I love about this collection is that it's got such classic colors that look great on everyone. The formulas are great, as usual, and they all have an incredible shine. Let's take a look:

We'll start with Genevieve, a dark cool gray with the slightest hint of silver shimmer. The shimmer is hardly visible in my photo, and it is very subtle in real life, but I promise you it's there! This is the only polish in the collection with a shimmer, and I think that makes it pretty unique. Shown above is three thin coats - two for opacity, and one to smooth out any brushstrokes made from the silver shimmer - plus top coat.

Next is Ryan, a gorgeous navy blue cream. I found that this one dried slightly darker than the color of the bottle, but the color is still beautiful! I love a good navy blue, and this one is no exception. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Margo is a purple leaning magenta cream. The polish is slightly more purple than my swatch shows - I struggled with color accuracy on this one! The color is gorgeous though, a classic fall color. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Veronica is a red leaning magenta cream that's very similar to Margo. The difference here is that Veronica has a much redder tone, whereas Margo is distinctly purple. But I'm totally loving both, and I can see myself rocking this color all season. Shown above is two easy coats and top coat.

Claire is described as a rich burgundy cream. I really enjoyed this one - it was slightly thinner than the others (and slightly thinner than the usual Zoya formula), so it felt almost jelly-like to me, but I still achieved full opacity in two easy coats.  Shown above is two coats plus top coat.

And finally, we have Nyssa, a rich chocolatey medium brown cream. My swatch is showing it a bit warmer toned than it is in real life, but I think that also might have to do with my skin tone. I would say this polish looks more chocolate than caramel (as it appears above.) Another perfect fall polish! Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Overall, I'm really enjoying these colors and I can't wait to wear them (with some classic dark jeans and brown boots, of course!) This collection is available now from Zoya for $9 USD each, or $54 for the entire collection.

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Which is your favorite in this collection?

These products were provided for my honest review.

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0, Day 5: Black and White

15 September 2014

Today is Day 5 of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2.0, and that means black and white nail art. I decided to keep it simple with some yin yang nails, something I have never done before but always wanted to!

For this nail art look, I used all Nanacoco polishes from HB Beauty Bar. I started with a base of Nanacoco Snow White, and once that was dry, I took a small nail art brush and drew on the black "yin" with Nanacoco Love Black. Then, I used a dotting tool to create the large dots within the yin yang.

When I was creating this look, I actually read a bit into yin yangs, so I wouldn't get the order wrong (white over black, as opposed to black over white!) and I thought it was really interesting. The yin yang symbol represents how opposites are actually complementary, and that one extreme cannot exist without the other (for example, good cannot exist without bad.) It's quite beautiful, if you think about it! I won't bore you with the details, but you can read more here.

Here are the polishes I used for this manicure. As I mentioned, I got both of these from HB Beauty Bar. Nanacoco is a great brand, and at $3 USD per polish, they're ridiculously cheap! You can get these and more for 15% off with the code POLISHCHALLENGE.

Make sure you check out Lindsey and Meghan's manicures for Day 5 as well! What do you think of this manicure?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Glam Polish Cast a Spell II Swatches and Review

14 September 2014

Hi guys! I have some more exciting polishes from Australia based brand Glam Polish to show you today from their upcoming September release, the Cast a Spell Part II collection. This collection features 9 holographic and glitter polishes, and today I've got five to share with you! I'm especially excited because this is the first Halloween themed collection I got this year (because who DOESN'T love Halloween?!)

Anyway, the five polishes I have for review are all gorgeous scattered holographic polishes that feature larger holographic hex glitters that correspond in color. They all have a ton of depth and dry to a slightly textured finish, but just one coat of top coat smoothed them all out for me! Let's look at them individually:

Elixir is a lime green scattered holographic polish with a ton of green holographic hexes throughout. This color is bright and funky - and just perfect for Halloween! The formula was easy to work with and I didn't have to fish around to get the larger glitters onto my brush. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Pentacle is hands-down my absolute favorite in the collection. It is described as a charcoal scattered holographic polish, with a ton of holographic hex glitters. It looks like there is an entire galaxy on my nails!! A ton of the glitters came out onto my nails (again, no fishing necessary), and I just love the effect they give. This polish truly sparkled! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Wicked is a blurple (somewhere between blue and purple) scattered holographic polish that features holographic hex glitters. Another gorgeous and deep polish! The holographic glitters in this one are actually a deep blue, so they might not seem visible in the photo at first - but look closely! You can see those flecks of blue present on each nail. I love this one! Shown above is two easy coats and top coat.

Sorceress is a berry scattered holographic polish with a ton of holographic pink hex glitters throughout. This one is for you pink lovers! It's got that very girly touch, and it applied flawlessly, although it had a slightly more jelly-like formula than the others. Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

And finally, we have another perfectly Halloween color, Warlock, an orange scattered holographic polish with orange holographic hex glitters. I love this shade of orange because it reminds me of pumpkins and Halloween and all things autumn! As with the pink, this one was slightly more jelly-like, so for the above photo, I painted three thin coats with top coat.

Overall, I'm loving these unique polishes and they're making me very excited for Halloween! (Even though it's barely mid-September.. haha! I think that adding the larger holographic glitters to the already holographic bases makes these polishes really interesting and gives them depth. My favorites are definitely Pentacle and Elixir, but I enjoyed them all and I can see myself wearing them all October.

The Cast A Spell Part II collection will be available for preorder starting September 17th from Glam Polish's online shop for $11.95 USD each or for $99.99 USD for the entire 9 piece collection. You can follow Glam Polish on Facebook for news and updates.

Which of these Halloween-y polishes are your favorite?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Renaissance Cosmetics Fall 2014 Microglitters: Swatches and Review

13 September 2014

It's finally the weekend, which means it's time to relax and unwind (and play with more new autumn nail polishes!) Anyway, today I have three more polishes from Renaissance Cosmetics to show you. Last week, I showed you the fall 2014 shimmers, and today I have three gorgeous fall microglitters to share. (And, I have a discount code to share with you too! Read on to see it.)

I'm calling these fall microglitters because they are new fall releases, but I feel like these can be worn year round. They are so pretty and packed with sparkle - you can even see some of that shimmer in the blurred bottles in the above photo. The formulas are so easy to work with, and those of you with shorter nails will achieve full opacity in just two coats - but I added a third for all my swatches, just for the closeups! Anyway, let's take an individual look:

Wanderlust is a gorgeous full coverage blue microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most prominently blue, turquoise, green, and gold. I totally felt like a mermaid with this polish on! Wearing it on its own gives the polish more depth, but it can also be layered over a blue or black. Shown above is three easy coats with top coat to smooth out the slightly gritty finish.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. I'm telling you, this is actually the perfect mermaid polish! I could wear it forever.

Phoebe is a full coverage purple microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most notably purple, pink, and gold (with a hint of blue!). This is another gorgeous color with so much depth. Again, this could be layered over purple or black, but I wanted to wear it on its own - shown above is three coats and top coat.

You can really see all the holographic glitters in this closeup in the bottle and on the nail. Radiant orchid, anyone??

And last but definitely not least, we have Hera, a vampy full coverage red microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most notably bright red, fuchsia, and darker red. Wow, I didn't expect to like this one as much as I do! It is the perfect color for fall and winter, and I love how fiery it looks on my nails. The bright red glitter particles really stand out beautifully. This polish can be layered over a dark red or black, but I wore it alone. Shown above is three easy coats with top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. I think I am in love!

Overall, I am so impressed by these colors (no surprise there!) I'm not generally a huge fan of microglitters, but I found myself drooling over these particular combinations (and wanting to do some nail art with them!) Again, the formula was incredibly easy to work with - I found that it was best to wait for the polish to dry between layers, to avoid clumpiness. And as is usual for Renaissance, these combos are just beautiful and unique.

All of these polishes are available at the Renaissance Cosmetics online shop for $9.50 USD each. And, Meghan was so generous to offer a 15% discount to my readers - just use the code nailpolishchallenge15 at checkout!

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Which of these microglitters do you like best?

These products were provided for my honest review.