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LVX Fall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review

23 November 2014

Hey guys, I've got another amazing new-to-me brand to show you today - a high end salon brand called LVX! They're vegan, cruelty-free, and 5-free, and their gorgeous creme polishes are inspired by high fashion runway looks so you'll always have access to the latest trends. The collection I'm showing you today is the Fall 2014 Collection, and it consists of six gorgeous creamy polishes that are perfect to rock this season and into winter.

As you can see, these colors are all pretty classic, and I think they can all be worn year round! The formula these was incredibly smooth and self levelling, and the overcap easily pops off so you can paint your nails with the regular bottle cap brush. Let's take an individual look:

Macaroon is a gorgeous light peachy beige creme. As it's so light and sheer, I figured this polish would be patchy and thick, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it applied smoothly and left an even coat with each brush stroke! This is the perfect work-appropriate neutral shade to wear in the fall. Shown above is three thin coats for full opacity, plus top coat.

Espresso is a rich chocolatey brown creme. Another gorgeous staple for fall! The formula was just perfection on this one, and the color is so rich and smooth. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Cerise is a bold creme that falls somewhere between red and pink. Red is such a classic fall shade, and this is great take on it! In natural light, it has a really hot pink tone, but in artificial light, you can see the reddish tones come out to play. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Peony is a light, cool-toned pink creme that can be worn any time of year! I especially like cool toned pale colors like this during the winter for a hint of color. And this one is so creamy and feminine! Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Oyster is a perfect gray creme with just a hint of blue undertone. I absolutely love rocking gray nails, and I can always add a color like this to my stash! But what makes this color unique is that it gives you full coverage in just one coat - that's right, you're looking at one coat plus top coat in the photo above! This is a perfect neutral color to wear at work all through winter.

And finally, we have Anthracity, a deep charcoal gray creme with a jelly-like formula. What a gorgeous shade for fall! This color did apply a bit more sheer than the others, but I achieved full opacity in just two coats. If you have longer nails, you might want to throw on a third coat to cover up any visible nail line. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Overall, I think LVX is another wonderful brand to add to your collection! The colors are rich and classic, and they are spot on with upcoming and current trends. And of course, the formulas are so easy to work with - you definitely don't have to be an expert to paint a perfect manicure with these polishes. My favorites are Macaroon, Peony, and Oyster.

You can purchase LVX polishes online for $16 USD each. Make sure you follow them on Facebook for news and updates!

Which of these polishes do you like best?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Habit Cosmetics Winter 2014 Swatches

22 November 2014

Hello everyone! Today I've got a new-to-me brand to show off called Habit Cosmetics. For those of you who haven't heard of them, Habit is a brand that is very mindful of their impact on our environment - they're vegan, cruelty free, 5-free, sustainably packaged, and the bottles feature a bamboo overcap (using less plastic than most brands!) The polishes also contain Myrrh extract, which is a natural nail strengthener. If you're not sold on this brand by all of that, the gorgeous colors will definitely pull you in!

The Winter 2014 Collection features three cool toned cremes that are inspired by the ocean. This was the packaging they came in - isn't it adorable?! I love that this brand is sustainably packaged. Anyway, the polishes themselves were generally very easy to use, and the colors are absolutely stunning. Let's take a look:

Soft Focus is a gorgeous pale cool-toned lavender creme. A perfect color for any season! I normally find that lavender colors are more suitable for spring, but the cool blue undertones of this polish seem perfect for cold weather. And it's absolutely gorgeous! The formula on this was incredibly easy to work with, and self leveling. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Prairie is a greenish soft teal creme. This is another gorgeous color that I can see myself wearing year round - it's a great staple color to add to my collection. Not to mention, the formula was fabulous! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

And finally, we have Deep Sea, a stunning inky navy blue jelly. Colors like this are my absolute favorite to wear in the winter! This one in particular is so gorgeous and dark. In dim light it almost looks black, but you can see the rich blue tones in the light! This formula was the only troublesome one of the bunch, though - it was a bit thick and it didn't level itself out like the other two did. Nothing a generous coat of top coat can't fix though! I ended up wearing this polish for a few days (because I was just so enamored by it!) and I'm pleased to report that I found no staining, as dark colors sometimes tend to do. Shown above is two careful coats with top coat.

Overall, I really like what I've seen from Habit so far! I think these colors are so beautiful and perfect for winter. The price tag is a bit steep - these polishes are available online for $18 USD each - but I think the price is attributed to the naturally strengthening Myrrh extract, and the effort to be environmentally conscious, which is very much worth it in my opinion!

Make sure you follow Habit Cosmetics on Facebook for new collections and stocking information.

How do you feel about environmentally conscious brands? And which of these colors do you like best?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Cirque Back To Basics Set Review and Nail Art

21 November 2014

Hi guys! Today I have another gift set to review from Cirque Colors! Some of you may remember the amazing Ultimate Luxe Set I reviewed a couple of weeks ago - I mentioned that it would make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer, and the Back To Basics Set is no different! This set is actually great for all year round - as the name implies, this is a set of basics to create any awesome manicure: base coat, top coat, white polish, and black polish, all in a convenient vinyl pouch.

Here are the contents of the pouch. You'll remember that Cirque is a relatively new brand to me, and I was stunned by the incredible formula and packaging last time! I was very pleased with everything in this set as well. I will start by reviewing the polishes, and then I will talk about the base and top coat - as well as some new accessories I also got a chance to review! Enough talk, let's get started:

Memento Mori is a basic black cream with perfect coverage in just one coat. Full opacity in one coat?! That's right folks, I have found my new favorite black polish. Formula was perfection, and as with the others in this set, I found that this polish had a really unique scent. I want to say it was almost like pine needles - but I think it was really similar to the scent of their tea tree cuticle oil. Anyway, it was mesmerizing! I kept sniffing my nails as they dried. Shown above is one coat with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Carpe Diem is a pure white cream with another flawless formula! I feel like white polishes are always a struggle - they're always thick and gloopy, or they take so many coats to reach opacity. This one was incredible - it was creamy and easy to apply, and it reached full opacity in just two coats. Plus, it also had that amazing tea tree oil scent. I know I'm starting to gush, but I think this just may be my new favorite white polish. Shown above is two easy, self levelling coats with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Before I show you my simple nail art look, I wanted to share my experience with the base and top coat. The Holdfast™ Base Coat is a garlic infused base coat with strengthening properties. No, it doesn't smell like garlic! It smelled just as amazing as everything else in this set. It applied smoothly, dried quickly, and kept my nails from getting stained. I can't tell you much about the longevity of this base coat, since I can never keep my polish on for too long!

Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat is a fast drying top coat that adds a super glossy shine. Believe me, this top coat dries super quick! For my nail art, I wanted to use striping tape and I got impatient after about five minutes of letting the top coat dry, and it was already rock solid! The tape didn't lift or dent the polish at all. It's also super glossy.

Here is the simple nail art look I created with all the products in this gift set. I started with a base of Carpe Diem and added top coat. Then, I taped off sections and painted on Memento Mori. I topped everything off with a generous amount of top coat! You can see that there was just a tiny bit of dragging with the top coat, but again, I was being really impatient and I only gave the black polish a couple of minutes to dry before I topped it off. Even with that short amount of time, I was really impressed that the top coat didn't completely smear the black polish!

And finally, here are the two extra products I got to try - Tea Tree Cuticle Oil, and a Cirque crystal nail file. The tea tree cuticle oil smelled AMAZING, and it was so thick and luxurious. I imagine that this would be perfect for applying before bedtime, but it absorbs quickly and it's in such a convenient little pen - perfect for on the go! I actually used this with my regular lotion right before the photos you see above, and I don't think my hands look greasy at all. The nail file is also handy to keep in your bag on the go, and it's made from glass, so you can easily wash or sterilize it.

Overall, I think it's safe to say I'm totally crushing on Cirque Colors right now. Everything I have tried from them so far has left me so impressed! I cant wait to use these products in my every day routine - they seem incredible so far, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some good basic polishes and treatments.

All of these products are available on the Cirque online shop. The Back to Basics Set is available for $36 USD (you can purchase the products separately, but I recommend getting the set, since you'll love all of them, plus it's cheaper!). The Tea Tree Cuticle Oil and the Crystal Nail File are available for $10 USD each.

You can also find Cirque brand in-store and internationally - see their stockists here. Make sure you follow Cirque on Facebook for news and information!

What do you think of this set? Do you own any of these products from Cirque? Let me know your experience with them!

These products were provided for my honest review.

Fishtail Braid Nail Art With Color Club Poptastic Collection

20 November 2014

Hi guys, today I've got a bit of nail art for you inspired by Simply Nailogical - she created a fishtail braid look using striping tape, and I just loved it! I decided to go with a (much) brighter color scheme for this manicure, using most of the Color Club Poptastic Collection from Live Love Polish.

Now, since these are neon polishes, my camera had a really difficult time capturing them. Needless to say, these colors are MUCH brighter and more neon in person! I started with a base of Seche Porcelain II (also from Live Love Polish - what a great white base for nail art!). Then, I striped off sections on my nails and filled them in with seven colors from the Color Club Poptastic Collection -  from top to bottom, I used Psychedelic Scene, Lava Lamp, Warhol, Mrs. Robinson, Disco Dress, Chelsea Girl, and Factory Girl. I topped everything off with a generous helping of top coat.

I really love how this turned out, and I think it would look incredible in any color scheme - perhaps a holiday color scheme to come soon?! It got a bit tedious filling in the small areas with my detail brush, but it was definitely worth the time. I also think it's fun to come up with these colorful manicures in spite of the absurdly cold weather outside!

As I mentioned, all of the polishes used in this manicure are all available from Live Love Polish for $8.50 USD each, and you can use the code INEEDMORENAILPOLISH at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

What do you think of this nail art look?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

Zoya Winter 2014 Wishes Collection

17 November 2014

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing photos of the new Zoya Winter 2014 collection - it's called the Wishes Collection, and it consists of six polishes, three of which are Magical Pixie Dusts!

Don't these colors look so pretty together?! Definitely perfect for winter. Anyway, let's get into it:

Prim is beautifully elegant metallic periwinkle polish. Normally, I wouldn't go for a polish like this, but I find myself really drawn to it! It seems like such a beautiful winter color. Brushstrokes are very visible with this polish, so careful application is important. Shown above is two coats with top coat, but you could probably get away with one coat if you have short nails!

Next we have Haven, a rich plum shimmer. This one is slightly brushstrokey with application, but it evens itself out as it dries! It's a beautiful color but I personally don't think this one flatters me. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Willa is a glossy black cream. Nothing original here, this is just a basic black polish - but it does reach opacity easily in two coats, and it dries to a beautiful shine. Plus, I love having a black polish from each of my favorite brands! Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Nori is a stunning rich blue polish packed with holographic silver hexes in various sizes. As this polish is an Magical Pixie Dust, it is supposed to dry to a textured finish, but I found that neither this nor the other two ended up being very textured at all! However, this color is stunning and I think it would look even better with top coat. Shown above is two coats, no top coat.

Thea is a beautiful deep purple packed with various holographic silver hexes. As I mentioned, this color isn't very textured, but it is stunning! Shown above is two coats, no top coat.

And finally, we have Imogen, a full coverage black polish packed with silver holographic hexes in various sizes. This polish was slightly more textured than the other two - but only slightly! I think this is another color that would be especially stunning with top coat, I imagine it'd look almost like outer space! Shown above is two coats, no top coat.

Overall, I think these colors are beautiful, but I am disappointed that the Pixie Dusts aren't very textured. I am thrilled to have a black cream to add to my Zoya collection, and I am surprised with how much I am loving Prim!

These polishes can be purchased from Zoya for $9-$10 USD each. Don't forget to follow Zoya on Facebook for news and photos!

These polishes were provided for my honest review.