08 December 2015

Major Announcement

Hi guys!

Wow, it's been a seriously long time, hasn't it?

I feel like a total and complete stranger being on this blog. But I know I owe you guys a pretty big explanation as to where I've been, so it's time to let it all out:

I haven't quit my polish addiction, I promise. And I'm still sharing my nail art and swatches with the world. I've actually started posting a ton of videos on YouTube- not just nail art, but favorites videos, nail care tips, and reviews as well.

Here's a quick sampling of the sort of stuff I've been doing:

Here's a pretty fun video on how I did these quilted nails.

A video on how to remove glitter polish. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

And the craziest one of all - YES, I am actually posting videos with my face in them!

So as you can see, I've definitely not stopped my love for polish - in fact, I think it's grown since I stopped blogging on here. I'll admit, there were times where I felt like I wasn't connecting personally with my readers, just because I was always having troubles with my commenting system, or because I was rushing through typing out blog posts, and it really started to stress me out. I decided to do all my blogging on Instagram, but I realized that I wanted to share extended video tutorials, and after that, I started branching out into other videos as well. (But I'm still regularly posting to Instagram!)

And that brings me to my next huge announcement - I actually changed my name! For four years, I went by The Nail Polish Challenge, but after struggling with my feelings for that name, I finally decided it was time for a change. I am still in the process of switching over my social media channels but for the most part, you can find me online as Kelli Marissa

So anyway, I hope you guys can join me on my new journey as Kelli Marissa. I don't think I will be posting on here anymore, so you can follow my Instagram and YouTube pages to stay updated. Maybe in the future I will jump back to blogging, but for now, I am just so happy with what I am doing :) Hope to hear from you ladies on my new channels!

Happy polishing, everyone <3

04 October 2015

ALIQUID Lacquer See Spot Run Limited Edition Polish Review

Hey guys! Happy October :) This is probably my favorite time of year because Halloween is coming up, and then of course right after that we can get excited for the winter holidays! But today I am sharing a very special polish with you guys - October is officially "Adopt A Shelter Dog" Month, and ALIQUID Lacquer has created a beautiful limited edition shade to raise awareness and give a portion of the proceeds to charity.

This limited edition shade is only available for the month of October.

19 September 2015

ALIQUID Lacquer: The Incarnate Collection Swatches + Review


Hey guys! Today I've got a few shades from the ALIQUID Incarnate Collection to share with you - this is their Fall 2015 collection, and it seems perfect for Halloween (which is one of my favorite holidays!!) I have four out of eight polishes to show you today:

26 August 2015

Zoya Fall 2015 Flair Collection Swatches and Review


Hey guys! I know it's been a while (I'm so infrequent on here lately - I'll explain why at the end of this post) but today I've got my first autumn polishes of the year! The Flair Collection is one of two collections by Zoya for the fall season and it consists of six gorgeous shimmery shades.